ZoomGate sets the standards when it comes to developing access gates that
optimise flowing design with outstanding performance to provide compelling value.

MAX – Full Height Turnstile

The Full Height Turnstile provides high-security perimeter access control with minimum observation. It is suitable for premises requiring secure installations, such as rear gates, the unattended entrance of dormitories, factories, buildings and etc.

WING – Flap Barrier
The Flap Barrier System is a popular barrier system that provides fast access clearance with minimum supervised observation. The blockage is provided by two acrylic wings. The lanes can be configured for entry, exit or bi-directional access. It is widely used in areas such as subways, immigration checkpoints, airports, factories and etc.

SWING – Swing Gate

The Swing Gate System is of sensor-controlled passageway with automatic half or full-height panel doors. They allow for comfortable contactless access with bags or luggage and is wheelchair friendly. The barrier armed with an alarm system prevents unauthorized entry with minimum observation, thus the ideal installation for strategic high security areas like financial buildings, data centers, airports, immigration and etc.

SPEED – Drop Arm Barrier
The Drop Arm Barrier System is a security gate with a fast-moving barrier arm that controls human traffic. Its aesthetic design and small footprint coalesce with its surroundings seamlessly. The option of deploying a barrier or a barrier-free security lane provides the freedom and flexibility to cater to various situations.

TRI – Tripod Turnstile

The Tripod Turnstile is a cost-effective, robust and reliable system. It is widely used at locations with monitored or controlled access such as stadiums, factories, dormitories and public transportation sites.

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