Facial Recognition

Automatic Face Recognition for Access Control Power by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

What is ZoomFace?

  • ZoomFace is an integrated system which uses a compact biometrics platform hosted in gates and barrier.
  • Enables fully automatic access control, driven by face matching.
  • Incorporates some of the industry’s latest and most advanced biometrics technologies for facial recognition.
  • Real-Time Admission Control System used for commercial buildings and secured campus environments.
  • Automated monitoring of every face entering and leaving the building or campus.
  • Ideal for fast and seamless access in a high-volume human traffic environment with multiple gates, entrances/exits.

Key Features

  • High accuracy of 99.6%
  • High capacity database gallery with a storage of 300,000 users at every gate or barrier.
    * Capability to store up to 2 million user data
  • Instant validation against the local database (in less than 0.2 seconds) to support a gate flow rate of 30 – 40 people per minute
  • The gallery can be instantly updated by either internal or external sources
  • Compatible with most premium gates and barrier systems
    * Exclusive feature on ZoomGates only
  • Can be managed and configured from our GUI-Based Self-Enrollment Kiosk
  • Centralised Visitor Management System (VMS) unit for controlling of multiple gates
  • High accountability with track records of every entry/exit:
    – Face Log File
    – Gate Log File
  • Each gate can operate independently
    * Operate with UPS back-up
  • Proprietary Software for safer and secure access

New Portable Tripod with Thermal Facial Scanner

  • New portable tripod with thermal facial scanner.
  • Flexible moving to all direction with rotated wheels.
  • UPS power standby up to 4 hours.
  • Save and store all the passenger images and temperature in device storage.
  • Access denied to passenger with high temperature.
  • Fast speed entry clearance for all the passengers into mall.
  • Thermal facial with WIFI connection.
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Thermal & Optical Bi-spectrum Camera

Click here to Download PDF: AI Face Recognition with Temperature F01

Zoomface Kiosk For Visitor Management System

Click here to Download PDF: Zoom Face F01 Embedded Devices

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